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$25 Million Award to Accelerate Materials Discovery
An artist’s rendering of strontium iridate, an oxide whose properties can be controlled by applying spin-orbit interactions or changing molecular bond angles.
Controlling Electronic Properties via Spin-Orbit Interactions
A conceptual illustration of magnetization reversal, given by the compasses, with an electric field (blue) applied across the gold capacitors.
Multiferroic Heroics enable Electrical Control of Magnetism at Room Temperature
The left figure demonstrates why the first double layer of strontium oxide is missing when growing a Ruddlesden-Popper oxide thin film.
Sandwich Making at the Atomic Scale
rendering of metal-insulator transition in sub-nanometer films of a lanthanum nickelate
'Exotic' material is like a switch when super thin
new lab layout rendering
$4M gift will propel quantum materials studies
image of new tunable dielectric material
Designer Tunable Dielectric for 5th Generation Cell Phones
rendering of infinite layer cuprate superconductor structure
Intrinsic superconductor behavior revealed
When suitably strained, the ground state of EuTiO3 changes to become the strongest known ferroelectric ferromagnet
Ho-hum to high performance: A boring material, when 'stretched,' could lead to electronics revolution
The crystal structure of epitaxial SrTiO3 on Si writing into the surface of strained, ferroelectric SrTiO3 on Si
Putting the squeeze on an old material could lead to 'instant on' electronic memory


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